K53 Bike Lessons is owned and managed by me, Andy Rice.

About 30 or so years ago when I started riding a motorcycle, there was very little, if any formal Rider Training available and we had to learn and develop our own riding skills through our fathers, relatives and friend’s help and from our own mistakes. Luckily for me, the lessons learnt in those days, although usually painful and often expensive, proved to be good enough to allow me to blessed with many years of safe two wheel riding. However, what we learnt in those days about riding a motorcycle or scooter could in no way prepare us for riding in traffic on todays roads and highways.After some years of experience in the field of Traffic and Police Law Enforcement, I soon realised that proper Rider Training is essential to survive on two wheels in the traffic. 

As the two wheel trends have changed over the years, it is now quite trendy and even affordable to own a motorcycle or scooter. We are spoilt with a variety of Manufactures specialising in a wide vast selection of Motorcycles and Scooters suitable for virtually every application of two wheel interest. Biking has become a lifestyle for many Folk, be it social or economic and the desire to beat or reduce the hectic traffic on our roads and highways is making the choice of owning an Motorcycle or Scooter an overwhelming popular option.It is well known that proper Motorcycle and Scooter Rider Training that develops and promotes correct Riding and Road Traffic Safety Skills dramatically reduces the risks of accidents and makes your Motorcycle Riding Experience so much safer. 

Consider that any time, effort and money spent doing Motorcycle Rider Training to be an invaluable Investment in your Riding future.With this in mind, I realised that my passion for motorcycle safety could also become a business opportunity and I set about  establishing myself as a K53 Motorcycle & Scooter Instructor. I do believe that if I can get more Folk riding their motorcycles and scooters in a safe competent legal manner, in so doing reducing the carnage on our roads involving motorcyclists, then more Folk would be keen to consider two wheels as a viable alternative form of transport. In this way I will attract more Clients to my business…!


A requirement of the Road Traffic Act and most Insurance or Banks is that a Motorcycle or Scooter Rider needs to undergo and pass a K53 Skills Test, which entitles them to a License applicable to the class of motorcycle or scooter they ride. I have developed a series of modules and prepared booklets outlining the steps to ensure the successful outcome of this K53 Test. My success rate with first time Passes has been amazing.

Another of my market is aimed at the new or beginner motorcyclist and inexperienced Novice Rider. In todays hectic way of life, most Folk do not have the time to develop their Riding Skills, in the saddle as we did 25 years ago. Nowadays, a new Rider wants/needs to be up and riding as soon as possible. By designing and offering a variety of Riding Courses, suitable for these Clients, giving them one on one instruction, I am in a situation to meet their requirements.

There are also certain legal requirements for a new Rider, such as obtaining Learner’s Licenses, etc and I have positioned myself in such a way that I also offer Learner License Lessons as well.So far, I have identified that there are basically 2 x types of Beginner and Novice Rider, the first being the person who has been attracted to two wheels from a lifestyle or social point of view and the other being the person who needs to consider two wheels as an alternative form of transport as a result of economic circumstances.


As I have grown up and stay in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, I have established my main Training Area in this Region. I however also have a Client base in the CBD, the Atlantic Seaboard, Table View Region and now recently in the Stellenbosch & Helderberg Region.

From experience, it does appear as if the two wheel market in the Southern Suburbs is quite different to say the Northern Suburbs or Atlantic Seaboard or Helderberg and I have adapted my marketing accordingly. I remain active in many social Clubs, (Motorcycle & Sport) and other Communities and at this stage, I secure most of my business from Dealerships and Client referals. 

I have also developed good working relationships with most, if not all of the Motorcycle Dealerships, Workshops and other Motorcycle Shops in the Greater Cape Town Region and they all display my Countertop Brochures and recommend my services.From an online perspective, my new website is active, accurate and full of necessary information, together with a prescence on Face Book, Twitter, etc. I also run adverts in various Community, School & Student Newsletters and Publications.



As I provide both One on One and Group Training, I need to keep and maintain a fleet of Motorcycle and Scooters. The basic requirements for these are quite vast and require a gear� motorcycle or auto scooter for different applications or requirements from our Clients.

The main Fleet consists of:



We supply a variety of Safety Riding Gear such as Helmets, Jackets & Gloves. I also often use 2 way Helmet to Helmet communication when doing training.

The main stock we carry are:

Our Mission

at K53 Bike Lessons, THINK Motorcycle Academy and THINK Motorcycle Tours is to strive to provide only the best properly prepared and designed Rider Courses and Tours, offering the finest Riding Skills Development Modules with the latest, up to date content. in a safe fun environment. The outcome of this Rider Training would be an increase of well trained confident Motorcyclists and Scooter Riders on our roads, equipped with the correct defensive riding skills to be low risk Road Users and to maximise the excitement and enjoyment of their journey on two wheels.

Our Motorcycle Riding Safety Instructors, headed up by Andy Rice, are qualified RTA registered, knowledgeable and experienced Motorcycle Riders with many thousands of kilometres in the saddle of various Motorcycles, with more than 10 years of successful Motorcycle Rider Training.

We understand that the Road Traffic environment that we, as Motorcyclists and other Road Users must share is also constantly evolving and in order to adapt to these changes and trends in Rider and Driver Behaviour the content of our Rider Courses must also stay relevant.

In order for us to provide a targeted approach to the specific needs of each individual Motorcycle & Scooter Rider and to meet these challenges, we have established 3 x separate, but co-ordinated and structured Motorcycle Rider Training Academies, each offering their own specialist Modules, Skills Development Programs and Motorcycle “Lifestyle” Tours and Out Rides.

One is K53 Bike Lessons and the others, THINK Motorcycle Academy, THINK motorcycle Tours.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! Should you require any further information do not hesitate to contact us.