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This is the moment you have been waiting for, it’s you, your Motorcycle or Scooter and the wide open Road…! In South Africa, we are blessed to have endless kilometres of spectacular scenic roads, both tar and gravel, an amazing “bike friendly “climate all year round and a wide variety of all types and sizes of Motorcycles & Scooters available, suitable for all applications.

Unfortunately, as motorcyclists, we also have to share these roads with other road users and be it City, Urban or Rural, each region all have their own particular characteristics regarding vehicle & pedestrian traffic, different road surface conditions, weather conditions, etc. In order to survive in these road traffic conditions, motorcyclists need to develop an understanding of these factors and to adapt their riding skills accordingly.

Whether they intend to use their motorcycle or scooter for commuting or leisure, once new Riders have learnt the “basics” of riding their motorcycle or scooter, the next challenge facing them is when they need to learn to ride on a public road, in traffic, surrounded by other road users, pedestrians, etc. They now have to make use of all their newly acquired riding skills, need to make instant decisions as they negotiate the traffic moving with and against them. Now, as they enter the traffic for the first time, they realise that things happen very fast on the road and you have to be prepared for them.


The Basic Intro to Road Riding & Traffic Skills Course is ideal for those Riders who already have some prior riding experience, (albeit limited to a beginner) on either a Motorcycle or Scooter and who now wish to develop the necessary skills to ride and “survive” in the traffic. How many Lessons the Client will need for them to develop the required confidence and road riding traffic “skills” is determined by their particular different levels of competence and abilities.

Clients can either choose to develop their Riding Skills on a “per Lesson per ride” Basis at the applicable Rates or select to do a prepared Basic Intro to Road Riding & Traffic Skills Riders Course which consists of of a 90 min Lesson at a cost of R300 per Person, per Lesson. The Lesson is conducted in a safe environment, off Public Roads, using Theory and Practical Sessions of Motorcycle or Scooter Riding Techniques, K53 Defensive Riding Strategies and Traffic & Road Safety Riding Skills all conducted under the guidance of a qualified K53 Motorcycle Riding & Safety Instructor.

Ideally we need to get “time in the saddle” in the traffic and once this Basic Course is complete and the Riders are more confident, they can look at the next “On the Road” Intermediate or Advanced Road Riding & Traffic Skills Riders Courses. I prefer to do these Courses on days when traffic is not too heavy, such as on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning. We often, if the Clients are in agreement, do the Lesson as a Group out Ride with two or three other Riders that all have similar experience and ability. Our Routes will be determined on the day.

It must be understood and accepted that completion of this Course is only the “beginning” of your Riding Experience and that actual Road and Traffic Riding Safety Skills can only be further developed by spending time in the saddle and accumulating kilometres on the Road, on a Motorcycle or Scooter.


Although during this Course we do not venture onto Public Roads, we would prefer Riders to have a valid Learners License applicable to the Bike or Scooter they ride.

This Basic Road Riding & Traffic Skills Course is ideally suitable for those Riders who already have some prior Riding Experience. Therefore a minimum requirement for this Motorcycle & Scooter Riders Course is the current ability to ride a Motorcycle or Scooter. We reserve the Right to disqualify a Client/Rider from the Course if the Client does not meet the minimum requirements or if the Client/Rider is a risk to themselves and others. If in doubt, please discuss your prior riding experience with me first, to avoid any misunderstandings.

We can supply Scooters and Motorcycles with Helmets; however Clients are welcome to supply their own.

As we offer one on One Instruction and Training, we can split the Course up into Lessons that are convenient to your and our Schedules.


Motorcycle & Scooter

MODULE 1 (10 mines)

The Lesson starts with a Safety briefing, followed by an assessment to determine the Riders existing riding skills. We go through a brief explanation/discussion about the Motorcycle or Scooter, including proper mounting & dismounting procedure, correct seating, operating the Motorcycle/Scooter controls, starting and pulling off in gear, moving off riding procedures, braking/stopping, turning & steering techniques, throttle control and speed management.

MODULE 2 (25 mins)

This is a Theory part of the Lesson. We discuss and interpret the Rules of the Road concerning Motorcyclists and other Road Users, introduce the Riders to safe K53 Defensive Riding Techniques, including observation techniques, correct visible, confident and predictable positioning of the Bike & Rider in traffic, etc.

MODULE 3 (55 mins)

This is the “prac” part of the Lesson, concentrating on speed management, throttle control, emergency braking and swerving, Lane Changing/Overtaking, correcting or improving on any part of the Riding procedures that the Rider is still uncertain about, work on basic Traffic and Road Riding strategies and develop the correct Traffic Riding Skills.

The outcome of this Course is to ensure that the Rider has an acceptable competent understanding of basic Road and Traffic Riding Skills and the Rules of the Road applicable to riding a Motorcycle or Scooter on a Roadway.

For the Lesson, we supply 125cc MotoMia Beretta Scooters and 150cc MotoMia Enzo Motorcycles with Helmets. However Clients are welcome to supply their own.


90 min COURSE R   350 per Person

Cash Payment on the Day of the Lesson is acceptable.

If Payment is done via EFT, please forward your Proof of Payment to E-mail: or to Cell: 082-334 9722. Kindly advise and arrange the EFT option in advance.


We have various Training Venues scattered around the Greater Cape Peninsula but please refer to our Training Venue Info Sheet for the latest Venues and the address.


If deemed to be negligent or reckless, Riders will be liable and held responsible for any damage to any of our Motorcycles or Scooters and Equipment they are using.


It is our policy to be as flexible and as reasonable as possible to accommodate our Clients, but we reserve the right to introduce and implement the following basic Policies:

In the event of rain or bad weather conditions and any other factors beyond our control, we reserve the right to re-schedule to another alternative date and time that is convenient to both Client and Ourselves.


Riding a Scooter or Motorcycle is an inherently risky venture and whilst every effort is made to maintain the safety of both the Client and the Instructor, during the Training Course, the Client accepts that they participate in the Course at their own risk and indemnify Andy Rice, K53 Motorcycle & Safety Riding Instructor against any loss or damage suffered, however caused. Accordingly, we insist that no Client may participate in any of our Riding Courses unless they have signed an Indemnity Form.

We will endeavour to contact our Clients a day or so before Lessons, to re-confirm appointments but the onus is with the Client to Check with our Office to confirm their Lesson.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your Lesson is due to start. If you arrive late for your Lesson or don’t pitch, it’s your Lesson Time you lose. If possible, we will try to make up the time, but as most of our Bookings follow on from each other, this arrangement is usually difficult to arrange.

Minimum Protective Clothing is a Long Sleeved Jacket or Top, Long Pants such as Jeans and closed Footwear, such as Boots or Takkies. No Rider will be permitted to join the Course if their Clothing or Footwear does not comply, including wearing Short Pants, High Heel Boots/Shoes, Sandels or Flip Flops.


We prefer that no Cell Phones are used during Lessons and that no Spectators, especially Family or Friends are permitted in the Training Area during Lessons, as experience has proven that these factors could distract the Riders and be a safety hazard to all involved.