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We often have Clients who are already riding a Scooter and now wish to convert from an “auto” Scooter to a “gear” Motorcycle. With this in mind, we have introduced a Convert from Auto to Gear Bike Course for those Scooter Riders who already have prior riding experience, (albeit on the road, in traffic or not). To attend this Course, Riders must already have a proper understanding of how to ride a Scooter, including balance, pulling away, proper “throttle” control, braking at varying speeds and other basic related riding skills.

Clients can either choose to do develop their Riding Skills on a “per Lesson, per hour” Basis or select to do this carefully prepared Course. This 90 min Course with applicable Modules has both Theory and Practical Sessions to assist the Scooter Rider to understand, operate and adapt to the “clutch & gear” concept of a Motorcycle. This includes starting and pulling away procedures, gearing up/down, braking, while adapting to proper Motorcycle Riding Techniques, K53 Defensive Riding Strategies and basic Traffic & Road Safety Riding Skills all conducted under the guidance of a qualified K53 Motorcycle Riding & Safety Instructor. This Course also introduces a Rider to the various skills tests and basic requirements forming part of the K53 Motorcycle Test.

We would prefer Riders to have a valid Learner’s License for this Course but as we do not venture onto Public Roads or into Traffic, during the Course, this is optional and at your discretion. We do however offer additional Riding Courses that include “On the Road” Traffic Riding Training and Street Riding Strategies but then the Rider must be in possession of a valid Learner’s Licence for the applicable Bike.

It must be understood and accepted that completion of this Course is only the “beginning” of your Riding Experience on a “gear” Motorcycle and that actual Road and Traffic Riding Safety Skills can only be further developed by spending time in the saddle and accumulating kilometres on the Road.


A “gear” Motorcycle is a little more complex to learn to ride, having a Throttle, Gears and Clutch, a Foot (Back) Brake and a Hand (Front) Brake. Also, the co-ordination of Clutch, Gear and Throttle control as well as keeping your balance is very intimidating to a new Beginner Rider. The initial “learn to ride” process on a “gear” Motorcycle does take longer to develop and to understand and requires a different style of instruction to that of an “auto” Scooter. If a new Rider has some prior understanding of the “gears and clutch” co-ordination such as when driving a car, then this learn to ride process is usually a lot easier to understand.


This Convert from Auto to Gear Bike Course is ideally suitable for those Riders who already have some prior riding experience. Therefore a minimum requirement for this Course is the current ability to ride a Scooter. We reserve the Right to disqualify a Client/Rider from the Course if the Client/Rider does not meet the minimum requirements or if the Client/Rider is a risk to themselves and others. If in doubt, please discuss your prior riding experience with me first, to avoid any misunderstandings.


Training Venues are varied as we try to secure a suitable safe training environment as convenient as possible to where our Clients are situated. We have 3 x Main Areas where we do our Lessons, with these being Central Suburbs (Montague Gardens), Southern Suburbs (Claremont & Steurhof) and Deep South (Muizenberg and Fish Hoek Valley). All Training Venues are suitable for both “auto” Scooters and “gear” Motorcycles. Please refer to our Training Venue Info Sheet for the latest Venues and the directions to get there.



LESSON 1 (15 mins)

Lesson starts with a Safety briefing, followed by an assessment to determine the Riders current ability to ride an “auto” Scooter. We then commence with a brief explanation/discussion about the Motorcycle, including basic theory of Clutch, Gear and Throttle Control and an intro to riding, such as proper mounting & dismounting procedures, correct seating, operating and understanding the Motorcycle controls, etc.

LESSON 2 (45 mins)

We now commence the practical part of the Lesson, mounting the Motorcycle including starting up & pulling away in gear, etc. Once Riders get their momentum and their balance improves, we start developing a basic understanding of clutch, throttle and gear control so they can pull away in gear, are able to move forward, unassisted. As Riders become a little more familiar with the Motorcycle, we develop proper moving off procedures, braking/stopping skills, turning & steering techniques, throttle control, speed management and gearing up and down. We also concentrate on cornering, manoeuvre around various obstacles such as cones, cars, trees, etc. This part of the Course is all about riding and getting some “time in the saddle”.

LESSON 3 (30 mins)

To end off the Course, we now introduce the Riders to K53 Defensive Riding Techniques whilst riding a Motorcycle, which includes the correct observations, speed management, throttle & gear and clutch control, braking and improving on any part of the Riding procedures that the Rider is still uncertain about. We go through various skills tests to develop the Riders confidence and their riding ability.

The outcome of this Course is assist the Rider to have an acceptable competent understanding of a “gear” Motorcycle, together with all the basic related Traffic Riding Skills and Rules of the Road applicable to riding a Motorcycle.

We also commence with the basic K53 Defensive Traffic and Road Riding strategies, assist to develop safe Traffic Riding Skills, including Rules of the Road concerning Motorcyclists and other Road Users. Although we cover basic Street Riding Strategies on this Course, we do not venture onto a Public Road.

For this Lesson, we supply 150cc MotoMia Enzo Motorcycles with Helmets. However Clients are welcome to supply their own.



90 min COURSE  –  R   350 per Person