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K53 Bike Lessons will advise and guide a Rider through the entire K53 Motorcycle or Scooter Test process from start to finish. These Lessons are “K53 Motorcycle or Scooter Test Specific”as the content of the Course is designed to prepare a Rider to have an accurate understanding of all that is required for the Test. This includes going through everything that the Rider needs to know about the K53 Test, including those little “idiosyncrasies” relevant to each Testing Centre, the various Riding Skill Exercises that form part of the K53 Test in a simulated Test Yard environment to get the Rider properly equipped with the correct info, to stand the very best chance of passing the K53 Bike Test. To get maximum benefit out of these K53 Test Prep Lessons, a Rider must already be competent with current skills and ability to ride a Motorcycle or Scooter that they intend using to pass their K53 Test.

Contact: Andy Rice