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The K53 Motorcycle Riding Test, is a practical riding test, as designed and prescribed by the Department of Transport to determine the ability of a Rider operating a Solo (two-wheeled) Motorcycle or Scooter only. The K53 Test is a measure of the motorcycle riders ability in respect of the handling/control of a Motorcycle or Scooter, obedience to Road Traffic Rules and the use of the system of vehicle controls. The K53 Test consists of a Yard Test, usually adjoining a Local Traffic Dept, is administered on a prescribed laid out Test Track and is marked on a Standard Test Report by a trained and qualified K53 Test Examiner. This includes a Pre-Trip Inspections, Starting Procedures and a variety of Skills Tests, designed to measure the proficiency of Riders to obtain either an A or A1 Code Motorcycle Riding/Driving Licence, on either a geared Motorcycle or an automatic Scooter.

It is the Clients responsibility when Booking their K53 Licence Test at the Local Traffic Department, to check and confirm that they are booking and applying for the correct Licence and Code of geared Motorcycle or automatic Scooter, they intend to ride and to inform us accordingly. We also recommend that Clients do not leave their K53 Licence Test Preparation till the last moment and suggest that Lessons commence as soon as possible after the Client has Booked their Test Appointment and then, if need be, another “refesher” Lesson or two be done within 5 to 7 days before their K53 Test Date.

Client’s are reminded to check the “Expiry” Dates of the Learner’s Licences and to make their K53 Test Bookings well before the Learner’s Licence “expires”. If you have left it too late and you cannot get a K53 Test Booking before your Learner’s Licence expires, you will get little sympathy from the DLTC and you will need to, without exception, go through the entire Learner’s Licence process again and, further hassle is that you cannot make another Test Booking, until the existing Learner’s Licence has expired.


To get further information about the K53 Test process, go onto www.capetown.gov.za and under “Driving Licence Test Centres”, you will find the DLTC addresses, contact details, waiting times, etc. You can phone the DLTC to enquire about K53 Test Booking waiting periods, but you must go in, in person, to book your K53 Test.

Subject to change, these are the only DLTC (Cape Metro) that do K53 Motorcycle and Scooter Tests:

Cape Town Gallows Hill (Green Point) Traffic Dept – Tel:      021 406-8742

Milnerton Traffic Dept  – Tel:      021-550-1321

Parow Traffic Dept – Tel:      021 936-8730

Bellrail (Bellville Traffic Dept) – Tel:      021 918-2116

Somerset West Traffic Dept – Tel:      021 851-9532

Other optional Drivers Licence Test Centre’s, further afield are: Stellenbosch Traffic Dept,  Malmesbury Traffic Dept,  Moorreesberg Traffic Dept,  Hermanus Traffic Dept,  Saldanha/Vredenberg Traffic Dept, etc

Once you have booked your K53 Motorcycle Test at a DLTC, that “booking” is logged on the System as such and you cannot go to another DLTC and “book” another K53 Test. You are reminded that the K53 Test Booking System is quite “rigid” and, once your Test Date and Time, is booked, at a particular DLTC, it is a very frustrating process to try to change…!


A minimum requirement to do these practical K53 Licence Test Preparation Lessons is that the Client/Rider must have the current ability to ride a Motorcycle or Scooter and already be a competent Rider with experience on a similar Motorcycle or Scooter they intend doing their K53 Test on.

We reserve the Right to disqualify a Client/Rider from the Course if the Client/Rider does not meet these minimum requirements or if the Client/Rider is a risk to themselves and others. If in doubt, please discuss your riding experience with me, first.

We would prefer Riders to have a valid Learner’s Licence for this K53 Licence Test Preparation Course but as we do not venture onto Public Roads or into Traffic, this is optional and at your discretion. Clients are reminded however, that they must have a valid Learner’s Licence in order to apply for and to do their K53 Licence Test.

We can supply Motorcycles and Scooters with Helmets to do Lessons. If Clients do not have their own Motorcycle or Scooter for the Test, please advise me accordingly and we might be able to assist with hiring of Bikes/Scooters. Refer to our Rate Sheet for Costs. Prior Booking is essential.

When making your Motorcycle or Scooter Test Prep Booking, with me,please specify if you require a 60 min Lesson or a 90 min Lesson, so that we can schedule our Appointments accordingly. I can also offer a 1 x 120 min K53 Licence Test Prep Lesson, which would include a more expanded version of the Course as indicated below.

NB: If you intend using your own Motorcycle or Scooter for the Test, please ensure that you have checked that your Motorcycle or Scooter is Roadworthy for your K53 Test. If your Bike is not roadworthy, your Test will be stopped by the Examiner and you will be required to re-apply for another Test date.


How many Lessons you will need is dependant on your riding skills but a competent and confident Rider should not really need more than 1 x 90 min Lesson to gain a proper understanding of the K53 Test.

However, depending on your experience and riding ability. I would suggest at least 2 x Lessons of either 60 or 90 minute duration each, which includes both Theory and Practical Sessions to assist the Rider to properly understand and apply the “concept” of K53 Defensive Motorcycle or Scooter Riding Techniques on a simulated Test Track as required for their K53 Test. The Modules change slightly according to whether the Client rides a “geared” Motorcycle or “automatic” Scooter.

NB: To get the maximum benefit of these K53 Test Prep Lessons it is highly recommended that Riders must already be competent in operating all the “controls” of a Motorcycle or Scooter . (With a good practical understanding of gear, throttle and clutch control and braking.)

Although I will assess a Client/Rider after each Lesson, and advise accordingly, it is ultimately up to the Client/Rider to decide, at whatever stage, whether they feel properly prepared and competent to do the Test or not. If not, rather book an additional Lesson/s.

However, the brutal reality is that if you are not a competent Rider and you are not properly prepared for the K53 Test, the Examiner testing you will pick that up, pretty quick, during the Skills Tests and will penalise you accordingly.

I adapt my Riding Instruction around each individual Client’s riding skills and ability, with the intention to “adjust” rather than change the Riders style but to ratyher adhjust uit ti rthe b, the Riders riding style to what is required for the K53 Test.

At the moment, until we secure another K53 Training Venue, we recommend that all K53 Test Prep Lessons take place on our simulated Test Track in Montague Gardens This K53 Test Track is painted out similar in most aspects to the Test Tracks as the Client will ride on when they do their K53 Test at their Local Traffic Department. It is also essential that this Lesson be done utilizing a Motorcycle or Scooter similar to what the Client will be riding on when they do their K53 Test.

During these K53 Test Prep Lessons, it is quite possible you may form part of group, not exceeding 3 x riders, all with similar riding skills.

There are 3 x basic “timed” Modules that make up an average 1 x 90 min K53 Bike Test Prep Lesson as below:


MODULE 1 (10 mines)

We start the Lesson with an “overview” and discussion of the K53 Test and what to expect during your Test. This will include both theory and practical of the Pre-Trip Inspections, correct Mounting, Dismounting, Starting Procedures, etc.

MODULE 2 (15 mins)

This Lesson commences with an “overview” of the K53 Test, introducing the Client to the actual Lay Out of the Test Track. We go through the correct “observations” required when “moving off” and “stopping”, changing Lanes, etc, applied in all aspects as per each of the Skills Riding Tests that make up the K53 Test. By means of Notes, Sketches, Traffic Cones, etc and together with tips and explanation, we go through each of the Tests and simulate the layout of the Test Track.

MODULE 3 (50 mins)

The practical part of the Lesson is all about going through each the various Skills Riding Tests that make up the K53 Test to prepare the Rider as to what he/she could expect when on the K53 Test Track.

MODULE 4 (15 mins)

During this part of the Lesson we go through a series of simulated K53 Test’s, including an explanation of tips andbreakdown of the particular DLTC where the Rider will be testing.

The outcome of this Lesson is to prepare the Client to have a better understanding of the K53 License Test and to get into the way of thinking of Defensive Riding as required in the practical K53 Test.

NB: It must be understood and accepted that although we equip and prepare the Rider with all the relevant information and skills required for the successful conclusion of the K53 Licence Test we cannot guarantee a “pass”. The Client “rides” the K53 Test utilizing their own skills and ability.


Training Venues are varied as we try to secure a suitable safe training environment as convenient as possible to where our Clients are situated. We have 3 x Main Areas where we do our Lessons, with these being Central Suburbs (Montague Gardens), Southern Suburbs (Claremont & Steurhof) and Deep South (Muizenberg and Fish Hoek Valley). All Training Venues are suitable for both “auto” Scooters and “gear” Motorcycle


Montagu Gardens – K53 Test Track       

K53 Bike Test Prep on simulated painted K53 Test Track.

From the N7 turn off or from Koeberg Road, Milnerton, get into Bosmansdam Road. From Bosmansdam Road, turn into Montagu Drive. Take first Right into Railway Road, then first Right into Station Road. Drive all the way along Station Road, past the industrial area until you reach a dead end to the Road, with a large Parking Area on the right. Look out for my white Ford Bantam Bakkie with Bike Trailer.


It is our policy to be as flexible and as reasonable as possible to accommodate our Clients, but we reserve the right to introduce and implement the following basic Policies:

In the event of rain or bad weather conditions and any other factors beyond our control, we reserve the right to  re-shedule to another alternative date and time that is convenient to both Client and Ourselves.


We can assist with Motorcycle & Scooter Hire for your K53 Licence Test, subject to availability. Please pre-book this, well in advance to confirm which Motorcycles or Scooters are available for hire. We get the Motorcycle or Scooter to the Test Venue, usually by trailer. Rates are as indicated below

NB: In the event of a Client not being successful in passing their Test or if the Traffic Dept Testing Station does not proceed with the Test, for any reason whatsoever, the Client still remains liable for all costs incurred.

K53 LICENCE TEST BIKE HIRE (Subject to availability (150cc “gear” Motorcycle)

Cape Town or Milnerton Test Centres         R   350 per Test

Parow or Bellville (BellRail) Test Centres   R   400 per Test

Somerset West or Stellenbosch Test Centres    R   450 per Test



60 min COURSE                                                                                  R   250 per Person

90 min COURSE                                                                                     R   300 per Person

120 min COURSE                                                                                     R   400 per Person

Cash Payment on the Day of the Lesson is acceptable.

If Payment is done via EFT, please forward your Proof of Payment to E-mail: info@k53bikelessons.co.za or to Cell: 082-334 9722. Kindly advise and arrange the EFT option in advance.


If deemed to be negligent or reckless, Riders will be liable and held responsible for any damage to any of our Motorcycles or Scooters and Equipment they are using.


Riding a Scooter or Motorcycle is an inherently risky venture and whilst every effort is made to maintain the safety of both the Client and the Instructor, during the Training Course, the Client accepts that they participate in the Course at their own risk and indemnify Andy Rice, K53 Motorcycle & Safety Riding Instructor against any loss or damage suffered, however caused. Accordingly, we insist that no Client may participate in any of our Riding Courses unless they have signed an Indemnity Form.

We will endeavour to contact our Clients a day or so before Lessons, to re-confirm appointments but the onus is with the Client to Check with our Office to confirm their Lesson.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your Lesson is due to start. If you arrive late for your Lesson or don’t pitch, it’s your Lesson Time you lose. If possible, we will try to make up the time, but as most of our Bookings follow on from each other, this arrangement is usually difficult to arrange.

Minimum Protective Clothing is a Long Sleeved Jacket or Top, Long Pants such as Jeans and closed Footwear, such as Boots or Takkies. No Rider will be permitted to join the Course if their Clothing or Footwear does not comply, including wearing Short Pants, High Heel Boots/Shoes, Sandels or Flip Flops.


We prefer that no Cell Phones are used during Lessons and that no Spectators, especially Family or Friends are permitted in the Training Area during Lessons, as experience has proven that these factors could distract the Riders and be a safety hazard to all involved.